Hypnosis Trainings

Hypnosis Trainings The roots of Hypnosis can be traced back to many early religions, philosophies, meditations, and therapeutic practices, which were studied, taught, and followed in many countries, regions and eras. Probably the region that had the most profound effect on the study of Hypnosis was India. James Braid an early pioneer in the study … Read more
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NLP Master Practitioner Trainings

  NLP Master Practitioner Trainings The NLP Master Practitioner Training provides the student  with advanced skills that create the ability to grow and prosper in every way even during difficult times.  Have you ever, notice how some people just seem to prosper and live happy, healthy, abundant lives no matter how the economy does or … Read more
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NLP Practitioner Training

NLP Practitioner Training NLP Practitioner Certification Training – Why would this benefit me in the present and coming years?  What benefits would I gain in becoming certified as a NLP Practitioner? Neuro Linguistic Programming has developed and grown tremendously over the last few years as the best and most powerful technology for change and empowerment. … Read more
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