Middle Aged Couples & Relationships

Middle Aged Couples & Relationships

Sadly enough, the odds on a couple staying happily married are not that good.  Approximately, half of all marriages end in divorce.   Most of the time, the divorce is not amicable.  Couple with children could spend a lot of time during and after a divorce fighting over the kids.  Wouldn’t it be great to learn how to influence your kids without just answering their “Why?” with Because, I’m the mommy/daddy…

What’s just as bad as divorce is that the  remaining married couples are not necessarily happy in their marriage.  Many of the remaining couples find that leaving the marriage would be financially and emotionally difficult.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could resolve problems in your marriage.  How about re-kindle the spark that was there in the beginning, how would that feel?  Would it be useful to know what it takes to keep your significant other in love with you?

Marriage doesn’t have to end in divorce.  Couples do not have to live unhappily together.  The romance can be re-kindled.  The family can remain together and that’s a big plus during the Holidays.  Can you, imagine having to share the kids with the other spouse instead of everyone being together during the Holidays.

Do you know all the things, all the things that can make or break a marriage or relationship between two people in love?  Do you know about the three stages that children go through before becoming adults and how to deal with their changing behaviors?  The average person could spend years learning how to be a good seducer, lover, and ultimately, spouse, and parent.  Of course, everyone is given a manual on how to do all of that…  Oh wait, I’m thinking about my car, it came with a manual.  Your significant other came with a manual on proper diet, care, maintenance and so forth, or maybe not…  Taking care of your relationship requires as much love, knowledge, and skill as repairing a high tech automobile, flying an airplane, or parenting  a child (properly).  Unfortunately, the plane and car come with manuals and a relationship/marriage/child does not.  It is no wonder relationships and marriages crash and burn. We could all get depressed, get drunk (or do drugs), because it’s a lost cause…  Or not.  Perhaps one could, learn all the things necessary for a good marriage and keep it strong and happy.

I know that you know that giving up is not a proper response to this dilemma.  After all, it would be better (and a lot cheaper) to build a relationship/marriage that lasts and loves…. Wouldn’t it?  Would you like to be able to:

  • Determine your significant other’s love strategy and fulfill it making your relationship stronger
  • Determine which seducer archetype that you naturally are and enhance that characteristic making yourself more desirable in your relationship
  • Release the negative emotions that are creating behaviors which are not serving you in your relationship
  • Release the negative emotions that could have created a bad self image and co-dependency in your relationships
  • Release the negative emotions that can create a bad self image and create confidence in yourself
  • Learn how to control your state (move from a negative state to one of empowerment)
  • Learning how to use language in a way that communicates your love and understanding
  • Communicate your love to your lover without actually speaking of love (your lover will know how you feel about them without words)

When you take The Secret of Creating Your Destiny® Seminar, you will eliminate much of what is holding you back in your relationships.  It it the foundation on which to start Creating Your Destiny®.

Please register and inquire about upcoming trainings.  We offer Early Bird Discounts, but have limited seating, so you will want to get on board early and take advantage of the great deals that we offer.  If you have not already signed up for The Secret of Creating Your Destiny™ Seminar, now is a good time.  You may find, the Secret to be the best seminar that you have ever attended.  It will get you started on the path of a happy, healthy relationship.

Have you ever…. Really wanted to connect with that special someone and really wanted to build a connection? Perhaps you felt that something was holding you back or there was something that had to happen before you could actually be successful being with that person…

There are many challenges to staying happily married and you may find the following program is full of powerful techniques for strengthening your marriage and even dealing with your kids…
There’s the thought that many women are looking for a “Project”, a “Bad Boy” to rehabilitate…  Do you have the tools that can get a good result in your “Projects” or do you just plow ahead and hope for the best? Would it be useful to be able to assist the person that you love to embody all of the traits that will make you want to keep him or her for the long term?  Do you know what you really want in a lover?  Many people think that they do… 


Lastly a person must learn more about what a person must do to keep the person that they love, In Love, and With Them.  Too many relationships fail or limp along on (on life support).   Have you ever, known a couple that tolerated their marriage?  How about the spouse that has a substance abuse problem?  Are they a drunk or lush, or a victim of a bad relationship trying to reduce the pain of the relationship?  How about the people who have “died of a broken heart” when their relationship failed.  There are as many ways to suffer as there are ways to solve the problems in a relationship, or better yet, keep the relationship fresh, strong, and lasting.  Would it be useful to learn the secrets of what it takes to be a person that can keep the romance in a relationship, keep there lover coming hot for them and coming back for more… year after year.

People spend thousands of dollars a year on a new car that will soon be going to the recycle yard.  How much have you spent on the most important investment in your life?  Will your car be there when you are too old and feeble to care for yourself?  Who will you entrust your care to?  Do you have someone that you can count on to be there when you need them, loving and caring for you?

We have the Find’em, Catch’em, Train’em, and Keep’em Seminar that will set you on a path to a fulfilling relationship with that “Soul Mate” that you’ve always wanted.  You might find, that… you’re signing up for this seminar and starting on a path to having romantic fulfillment is your best investment.  Register and let us know about you’re interested in taking this seminar and get control of your love life.