Relationships & The LANGUAGES OF LOVE™

Relationships & The Languages of Love™ Part 1

How Do Relationships Fail?

There are lots of reasons Relationships fail.  The average person has many challenges in their lives which effect their ability to cope with the strain of maintaining a strong, healthy relationship.  We all have jobs, bills, perhaps children to complicate and make things tough in our relationship with our significant other (SO).  So how do you deal with these issues?  Too many people do not have a strategy for dealing with issues in their relationships.  Knowing that you need a way of handling problems that crop up, you may want to implement a plan of improving how you cope and maintain a good relationship.  My studies have shown that about 55% of marriages end in divorce.  This puts even more strain on the average person since two may not live as cheaply as one, but two living in separate homes with two mortgages, two sets of utilities, etc are definitely going to feel more financial pain than a couple.  It could mean the difference between having a good, comfortable retirement or struggling  to survive. Many of the remaining couples find that leaving the marriage would be financially and emotionally difficult,  so they stay in an unhappy relationship. Wouldn’t it be great if you could resolve problems in your marriage. How about re-kindle the spark that was there in the beginning, how would that feel? Would it be useful to know what it takes to keep your significant other in love with you?

Marriage doesn’t have to end in divorce.

Couples do not have to live unhappily together. The romance can be re-kindled, it only takes a little knowledge, training, and a lot of implementation to make things sizzle again.

What can you do to make your relationship sizzle?

Have you spent the last several years learning all the things that can make or break a marriage or relationship between two people in love? Some people have read the Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman, but reading the book and even understanding some of the content does not get you where you want to go. A person must begin the use what they have learned.  They must speak the love language of the person of interest which will allow communication of love and caring.

The average person could spend years learning how to be a good seducer, lover, and ultimately, spouse, and parent. Of course, everyone is given a manual on how to do all of that… Oh wait, I’m thinking about my car, it came with a manual. Your significant other came with a manual on proper diet, care, maintenance and so forth, or maybe not… The women in my life did not.  Taking care of your relationship requires as much love, knowledge, and skill as repairing a high tech automobile, flying an airplane, or parenting a child (properly). Unfortunately, the plane and car come with manuals and a relationship/marriage does not. It is no wonder relationships and marriages crash and burn. A person could all get depressed, get drunk (or do drugs), because it’s a lost cause…  or…   better yet, get busy and learn what it takes to ignite the love and caring that we all want and may not be getting.

Take charge of you life and your relationships.

Start learning the things that a person needs to do to make the SO love you more than life itself. It starts with you being the person that wants to make the other happy, and truly fulfilled. A good seduction requires much thought and planning. Do you have a plan?

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