Creating Powerful Attraction and Connection

Have you ever…. Really wanted to connect with that special someone and really wanted to build a connection? Perhaps you felt that something was holding you back or there was something that had to happen before you could actually be successful being with that person…

Learn How to Find’em…

Most people find love, romance, and relationships a mystery and perhaps out of their reach.  I am not talking about simply going out with someone that popped up from a four minute dating event or an online dating site. I am talking about meeting someone that you find incredibly attractive.  How do you meet that person that has Sole Mate Potential?  Wouldn’t it be useful to be able to identify the personality type that would have the traits that a person with your personality would really mesh with?  What hobbies, sports, activities would that person be interested in?   Where does that type of person like to go to meet people?  Would it be useful to learn how to get an understanding of their likes and dislikes? Would it be useful to have a few questions that would tell give you a good indication of that person’s potential as a real soul mate?

Learn How to Catch’em

Step two would be making a real connection with that person.  After you identify the archetype that you are attracted to, and meet that person, can you build attraction and rapport?  No attraction and rapport, and you will not likely have a date. How are you at getting instant rapport and connecting with people?  Would it be useful to be able to get instant rapport with that special someone?

The next big challenge could be turning that connection into a date.  Do you have the confidence and skills to turn a connection into a date?  I watch guys getting phone numbers when they could be making things happen right then and there.  Wouldn’t it be better to have a date that same day/night.  If you get the number, do you get the date?  If you are a woman, have you ever had a man get your number and never call you?  Would it be useful to be able to make it happen after you meet that special someone?

When you are on your date, are you comfortable with yourself, let alone comfortable with your date?  Do you feel confident when you are talking to that person or is there a vague sense of discomfort?  Would you be uncomfortable with a five year old that you are baby-sitting?  A five year old would not intimidate most people, so why would the potential love of your life make you uncomfortable?  What is it that makes a person uncomfortable with their date?  Would having unstoppable confidence in yourself and your ability to obtain the best possible results be of interest to you?

Learn How to Train’em

There’s the thought that many women are looking for a “Project”, a “Bad Boy” to rehabilitate…  Do you have the tools that can get a good result in your “Projects” or do you just plow ahead and hope for the best? Would it be useful to be able to assist the person that you love to embody all of the traits that will make you want to keep him or her for the long term?  Do you know what you really want in a lover?  Many people think that they do…

Learn How to Keep’em

Lastly a person must learn more about what a person must do to keep the person that they love, In Love, and With Them.  Too many relationships fail or limp along on (on life support).   Have you ever, known a couple that tolerated their marriage?  How about the spouse that has a substance abuse problem?  Are they a drunk or lush, or a victim of a bad relationship trying to reduce the pain of the relationship?  How about the people who have “died of a broken heart” when their relationship failed.  There are as many ways to suffer as there are ways to solve the problems in a relationship, or better yet, keep the relationship fresh, strong, and lasting.  Would it be useful to learn the secrets of what it takes to be a person that can keep the romance in a relationship, keep there lover coming hot for them and coming back for more… year after year.

People spend thousands of dollars a year on a new car that will soon be going to the recycle yard.  How much have you spent on the most important investment in your life?  Will your car be there when you are too old and feeble to care for yourself?  Who will you entrust your care to?  Do you have someone that you can count on to be there when you need them, loving and caring for you?

Creating Your Destiny® – Powerful Attraction and Connection Seminar

We have the Creating Powerful Attraction and Connection Seminar that will set you on a path to a fulfilling relationship with that “Soul Mate” that you’ve always wanted.  You might find, that… you’re signing up for this seminar and starting on a path to having romantic fulfillment is your best investment.  Register and let us know about you’re interested in taking this seminar and get control of your love life.

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