The Creating Your Destiny® – Building Attraction Seminar


Creating Your Destiny® Building Attraction Seminar

In the Creating Your Destiny® Building Attraction Seminar we will discuss ways to quickly build rapport and attraction.  Building Attraction is easy once you have master the art of building rapport.  Building rapport is an intrinsic part of communication.  The ability to build rapport is very important in the way we interact with those we meet. Rapport isn’t just important in building attraction, but is very important in your success in life. The ability to quickly build Rapport is intrinsic in interviewing, job performance, career success.   Learn to build connections and relationships quickly and easily.  The connections you build can often turn into a golden opportunity, such as a job offer, or promotion.

Have you ever known someone who makes friends wherever they go and do so in minutes? Some people seem to get rapport effectively and effortlessly. Building rapport is the first step in Building Attraction. Rapport can be defined as the establishment of an emotional connection and trust between people.

In this seminar, you will learn how to create instant rapport, recognize whether you have rapport, and how to successfully move the interaction along. Building rapport is the first step in Building Attraction. Powerful attraction can be built by understanding the need to be able to create sexual tension inside the rapport, otherwise you will find yourself in the “Friends Zone”. Being familiar with the nine seducer archetypes is a good place to start in learning how to create attraction and sexual tension in a relationship.  Understanding and then implementing the strategies learned in this seminar is the key to success in communications and relationships.

Whether you want to advance your career, get that promotion, or improve your social and love life, this seminar will help you make it happen!  Now is the time to Register!


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