NLP Coaching

NLP Coaching for Personal Development

Why NLP Coaching?

An executive can, with NLP Coaching, bring a fresh perspective to bear on the challenges that they face daily on the job.   As a corporate executive with a tremendous amount of work, responsibility, and stress to deal with daily, wouldn’t it be great to have an edge on the challenges? There are many forms of coaching available for an individual/executive.  Coaching can aid an executive in developing themselves to achieve their ultimate capabilities and success in everything that they do in life.  Only you would know just what is needed to assist you in taking your game to the next level.  You can develop the skills needed in a wide variety of areas very quickly with NLP Coaching.  Whether laying ball or moving a company towards success and prosperity, you can get establish goals and obtain the goals with ease.  Would you find enhanced decision making skills, increased confidence, motivation, and ability to work more effectively with both peers and subordinates useful? Have you ever… consider what traits that the most powerful men on the planet have which makes them able to lead instead of being a follower?  You certainly have many of those traits already.  Think how much better you would perform if you were to pump up those traits and enhance them to get the truly stellar results that you would really like to have. You can most likely… see where the ability to have powerful influence in meeting and negotiations would allow you to excel where others would most certainly fail. Have you ever consider a need to improve your performance or make needed changes in your business, but found that a couple days go by and the thoughts about improvements are already forgotten or perhaps your focus changed?  You could have the impulse to increase profits, but find that you are sidetracked just maintaining the status quo. You might find that… coaching would allow you to further advance your skill, and time management while greatly improving the operations and bottom line in your career and company.

What is NLP Coaching?

NLP Coaching is a process whereby the Coach and the Client communicate in a thought provoking and creative interchange of ideas and observations designed to move them towards a common goal. The coach totally respects the Client’s point of view and fully supports the Client in the accomplishment of the mutually agreed upon goals and achievements. The Client may talk about achieving a specific goal, but without the plan to and schedule for the accomplishment of the goal, it is only a dream. If you plan the accomplishment of the goal, it becomes possible. When you obtain the services of a highly qualified coach you can plan, schedule, and increase your motivation so as to make your success easily obtainable.  We offer the latest and most powerful technologies available for personal development and performance enhancement.  NLP Coaching and Creating Your Destiny® Techniques allow us to provide coaching at a level not available elsewhere.

Stop Listening To Limitations.

We have many modern technologies for assisting you in making your successful transition from dream to reality. There’s a good reason why Steve Jobs was so successful in his business endeavors, he did not listen to people tell him what they or he can’t do… Michael Cain was asked by Sky News, you know, the actor Michael Caine. They said, “Michael, why are you so popular? Why do you end up being such a great actor?”, and he said, “I never listen to someone else telling me what they can’t do, or what I can’t do, because I don’t want to limit my results”. What a great idea. He just stopped listening to all limitations.

Model of the World

Another great man, Steve Jobs was not interested in hearing what could not be done.  Jobs was not interested in hearing the CEO of Corning Glass (Wendell Weeks) tell him that Corning Glass could not manufacture the type of glass that Apple wanted for the iPhone. Corning had developed a new extremely tough form of glass that they dubbed “gorilla glass” due to it’s incredible strength and resistance to breakage. The glass was incredibly strong but it was not marketed due to it’s high cost in manufacturing and it’s subsequent high price in a competitive market. Jobs told Weeks that he wanted as much gorilla glass as Corning could make within six months. Weeks replied, “We don’t have the capacity.  None of our plants make the glass now.”

Job replied, “Don’t be afraid.” This response stunned Weeks, who was a confident man but not used to Job’s Model of the World. Steve Job’s Model of the World did not contain the word “Can’t.”  When you embrace these coaching programs, your Model of the World will expand.  The word “can’t” will cease to be a part of it.

Weeks tried to convince Jobs that a false sense of confidence could not overcome the engineering challenges that were involved. But, Jobs was not buying into his limitations and belief that it could not be done. Jobs himself had been developing and manufacturing high tech products in record time and was very confident that Corning could meet the challenges and schedule.

As Weeks later told this story, he just shook his head in astonishment saying, “We did it in under six months. We produced a glass that had never been made.”.


During our coaching sessions, we will work with the Client to construct a Model of the World that empowers the Client. Create a Model of the World in you that rivals that of Steve Jobs…  With this new Model of the World, you can…  find that old difficulties and challenges are no longer a hindrance or bar to your success.  Although, Weeks was a powerful CEO of a very large company which has been a leader in it’s field, Weeks did not see the opportunity that was right in front of him and needed a more powerful Model of the World to help him see it.

Helping you build your Model of the World wherein the impossible becomes highly probable is what we are all about…  You could…  sign up for Coaching…  Now.  or…  You could  start on your road to personal evolutionary development by you’re attending The Secret of Creating Your Destiny® Seminar..